A new Beast is unleashed

In cooperation with Miguel Clarke, CEO of Silicon Philosophies, we proudly present a new custom built Mammoth Edition 2011 for their professional, „Fastest! … Best Quality! … Most Stable! … User-friendly!“ Cinema Craft. HD Encoder.

We were able to achieve  30% performance increase (30% less time to encode videos)compared to their latest specialized system configuration!

About the Cinema Craft. HD Encoder: It is by far the fastest and most accurate MVC encoder available for 3D Blu-Ray Discs, it is utilized by companies in Asia, United and Europe to realize their most critical and important projects.

You can see the our system at the IBC 2011 in Amsterdam. Please feel free to join Silicon Philosophies (Hall 7, Booth G15a) along with Rimage and Greenpost to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the CINEMA CRAFT® Multi View Coding application (CC-3De)!

Silicon Philosophies showcase the following highlights:

  • 0.4x realtime encoding speed
  • Separate Base and Dependent stream settings
  • Accurate synchronization
  • Realtime AVC/H.264 and MVC decoding
  • Preview results before executing encode
  • Fast and efficient Segment Re-encoding
  • Full or partial stream replacement
  • Region, frame-by-frame, timecode range and global parameter settings
  • 100% BD compliant AVC/H.264 and MVC streams

See your wildest fantasies come alive with CINEMA CRAFT® 3De.

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Custom MammothEdition 2011

Custom built MammothEdition 2011 for Silicon Philosophies Cinema Craft. HD Encoder.


You are interested? Please feel free to contact us!

HighEnd Computer GbR
Joschi Heyd, Daniel Schlecht
Oskar-Klumpp-Str. 16
72135 Dettenhausen
Phone:    +49-(0)7127 – 339403
eMail: info@he-computer.de
Silicon Philosophies Inc.
c/o Miguel Clarke
Friedhofweg 3 1/5
86199 Augsburg
Phone: +49-(0)177 5363947
Fax : +49-(0)821 6085762
eMail: info@siliconphilosophies.com

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